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It is easier to break an atom than to break a prejudge

There is a big difference between phenol and endopeels carbolic acid.

Check the differences

Endopeel Movies

There is not better than to take part to a Workshop to learn Endopeel techniques

Endopeel Movies help after workshops but never replace them.

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Endopeel Consent Inform

explain Endopeel at your patient 75 minutes and wait 3 weeks without any questions before treating your patient

Help us to add remarks to our Consent Inform.A Consent Inform is perfect, when it is the fruit of many physicians from different countries helping to make it better.

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Endopeel Support has been created only to help all Endopeel Users having some questions.

Open a ticket to get an answer.

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Here are the facts

  • " It is unbelievable. In 16 years none lawsuit in the world has been made against Endopeel.
    Endopeel is really safe. “

  • " Endopeel Products are not fillers. That means no granulomas, no migration! “

  • " Carbolic acid is bacteriostatic and none infection has been reported in 16 years till now. “

Endopeel Support

Contact Us

Phone: +41-764177315
Email: contact@endopeel.com

Prepare before your informations

  • Pictures of the products you used
  • Name of who sold you the products
  • Pictures of your patient
  • Quantity injected
  • Had you a training and if yes, where
  • Ingredients of your skin desinfectant
  • Post Endopeel Cream used
  • Did your patient drink beer?
  • What has eaten your patients?
  • Which cosmetics have been used by your patient?
  • Other therapies? Fillers? Botulinum?Threads?Fat Grafting?
  • Do your patient drink alcoholics?
  • Do your patient smoke?
  • Any known allergy?
  • Which syringes did you use?
  • Which needles did you use?
  • Have you used any anaesthetic cream?
  • Is it 1 st session?