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containing arachides.

Its important not to use cosmetics containing arachides at least 2 weeks after any endopeel treatment to avoid any allergic reaction.
arachis perfume allergy

Be Aware

Be aware that these non-food sources of peanuts may affect you if you have a peanut allergy. Some pictures below illustrate some examples of good brand names with cosmetics not to use 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after Endopeel procedures.
You should always read the list of ingredients and in case they do not appear, just throw the cosmetic in the garbage. Even profumes can have some peanut oil fragrances-ingredients and may provoke as the picture below ( 10 days after procedure) an allergic reaction. Such allergic reaction is bestens treated with the association prednison with anti histaminics.

Physical Therapy
sunscreen arachide


It can be some crossed allergy using such kind of sunscreens as lipo glosses just after an endopeel treatment.So better to avoid them.

Rehabilitation & Sports
arachide balsalm


Some arachide balsalm or post shampoo creams can also lead to allergies as they contain peanuts or other arachides . Such products need to be avoided after using Endopeel at least 2 weeks.

argane cosmetics


Argane cosmetics can lead also to allergies as they contain arachides. So they should be avoided 2 weeks after any endopeel procedure.

Frequently Asked

Are the products of a famous brand name safe?

A brand name means nothing in safety.Only the ingredients of a product have to be taken in account. It s not recommended to use any kind of cosmetics containing arachides after an endopeel procedure and that s for 15 days after at least.