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No Results

No Results or Poor Results

They are related to a lack of knowledge and not to the product itself.

Bad Selection of Indications

bad selection of indications

Bad or Wrong Techniques

wrong technics

No Respect of Some Contra Indications


Insufficient Injected Quantity of Product

insufficient quantity

Untrained Physician

untrained doctor

Following Social Medias

Vs App or Official Websites
social media addiction

Case of Poor Results 

  • This case is quite interesting as it s a plastic surgeon who realized the injection in the face of this patient, distributing 5 ml between the three thirds of the face.
  • The plastic surgeon pretended that he had followed all steps and that he understood what to do thanks to movies found on youtube  ( which mostly arent the same as the ones found on our websites).
  • After he contacted us telling that patient as himself were not satisfied because both didnt see any results.
  • And he declined to take part into a training workshop to learn correctly the techniques 

poor results

Some results could be seen but they are widely inferior to the expectations .

- zygoma areas are well repositioned
-the naso labial furrows are less deep
-the oval of the face is improved

Conclusions :

  • bad selection of Indications : Upper third of the face shouldnt be treated at 1 st stage
  • bad techniques : the tensors push have not been applied for sure
  • bad marking for sure and we dont know if the plastic surgeon chose the easy technique or loco regional technique
  • this plastic surgeon worked as UNTRAINED PHYSICIAN for Endopeel Techniques 
  • and he has followed social medias like youtube

That s why we do recommend workshops with our official trainers or us ,Inventors and noone else .