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Wrong Desinfection


A wrong desinfection , consequence of technical mistake, may lead to some redness during a maximum 3 weeks duration.
No treatment is required.
Just do not use any alcoholic products for the desinfection.

Just use cetrimide, citric acid or chlorexhydine without alcohol.

Esterification Reaction

esterification reaction

Conclusion :

The skin dyschromy provoked by an esterification reaction between endopeel main product ( weak acid) and a primary or secondary alcohol (skin desinfection solution) can stay 3 weeks and disappear without any treatments.
That is why it is important to check first all ingredients of any skin desinfection solution and not to use them if any ingredient finishes with the suffix - ol ( which means alcohol).
Tertiary Alcohols never react with acids and can be used .
That is why we rcommend highly to use cetrimide.