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papulas linked to bad technique


Dermopathy may happen using wrong needles,especially by treating the neck.
Hard and not flexible needles, or needles with wrong size can lead to such dermopathy.

In such case, no treatment is required. Such dermopathy may disappear in 10 days . 

We have tested since 20 years all kind of needles before arriving to those conclusions.

That s why it is recommended to use needles 30g 1/2 BD for the face & neck  or Mesorelle.


- injections too deep
- whole needle inserted when injecting the platysma ( only 10-20% of the needle has to be used superficially )
- quantity > 2 drops for each point of injection ( too much quantity)
-  use of unapproved cosmetics .( most cosmetics or sunscreens contain alcohol, resorcinol, arachides which are not compatible with Endopeel ).Only use Rose du Désert.


-No Antibiotics
-No Cosmetics
-No Sunscreens
-Only Corticoids
-Use only Rose du Désert

Wrong needle used for sclerotherapy of facial teleangiectasies on south asian female 

Before any treatment

Beginning of Treatment

Wrong needle in size,brand and metal alliage
3 days after treatment with wrong needle on left side

after 3 days left side

after 3 days right side

after 7 days left side

after 7 days front view

    Using a wrong needle by brand,size,metal alliage can lead to dermopathies .
    Here has been used a nedle from another barnd than BD or Mesorelle,with bigger size than usual requested .
    Even if the needle seems to be flexible , such results are dued to metallic alliage of the needle .
    We have tried like around 150 needles before choosing the right one.

    Such dermopathies will disappear by themselves after some days ( in such case 10-14 days) without anything.
    It s better not to use any cosmetic cream or ingredient with an unknown raw material, which could harm more the patients skin.

    Fortunately such papulas which will be followed by  maculas before disappearing completely are reversible side effects but as we are treating in such case ,, clients,, instead of ,, patients,, the neopatient may not come back for another session.